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DG Coaches Salisbury & Cedar Cabs Salisbury

Shop & Snack Packs

On Board Each coach excursion, we have a full range of Items from Drinks - Crisp & Chocolate bars & Snacks, 5% of Profit taken from what we sell gets donated to our charities
Water        Bottle 500ml - £1.00
Diet Coke Bottle 500ml - £1.25
Coke        Bottle 500ml - £1.25
7UP         Bottle 500ml - £1.25
Fruit Shoot         275ml - £1.00
Sweets & Nuts:
Trebor Extra Strong Mints  -      £0.75
Trebor Soft Mints ( Spearmint ) £0.75
Bassetts Mint Imperials             £0.75
Tic Tac Fresh Mint                    £0.75
Haribo Starmix 160g                 £1.50
Chocolate & Biscuits
Kit Kat Milk 4 Fingers              £0.85
Cadbury curly Wirly                £0.60
Cadbury Dairy milk Standard £0.50
Malteasers 37.5g                   £0.85
Milky Way Bar 21.5g              £0.60
Borders Biscuits £1.00
2 Pack Divinely Chocolately Cookies
2 Pack Light & Buttery Vinennese Whirl
2 Pack Butterscotch
2 Pack Crunchy Oat Crumbles
2 Pack Choc Chip Shortbread
Mini Cheddars 35g                            £0.85
Pombear Cheese & Onion 19g         £0.75
Walkers Range 32.5g                        £0.85
Kettle Chips Sea Salt 40g                 £0.90
Roots Vegtable Crisps with Salt 40g £1.00
Snack Packs:
Snack Packs come complete with a Napkin & Bag, ( Please keep bags away from Children ) Please note that we don't guarantee our food items are free from nuts, soya, milk, oats, wheat & sesame.
Option 1 - The Lighter Option £2.00
1x Bottle of Water
1x Extra strong Mints
1x Walkers Ready Salted
Option 2 - The Mini Treat £3.10
Choose from
Diet Coke, Coke or 7UP
Kit Kat 4 finger Milk chocolate
Mini Cheddars
Soft Mints
Option 3 - Tea Time Treat £2.50
1x Bottle of Water
1x Kit Kat
1x Border Biscuits
Option 4 - Children Treats £3.50
1x Fruit Shoot
1x Cadbury Curly Wurly
1x Dairy Milk Standard Bar
1x Pombears
1x Haribo mix
Option 5 - Ultimate Treat bag £5.00
1x Drink of your choice from the list
1x Haribo Mix
1x Malteasers
1x Tic Tac
1x Borders Biscuits
1x Crisp of your choice
Option 6 - Pick & Mix £5.00
1x Drink
1x Sweets or Mints
1x Chocolate Bar
1x Biscuits
1x Crisp